mesh.creates is dedicated to using visuals, words and data to open up graphic design processes to everybody and explore where design can take us.
Designing for change means using the only limitless resource we have: our ignorance. And change is not just the discovery of knowledge, but new ideas and making them real. Design can do much better than manufacturing demand, it can uncover the multilayered and everchanging cores of people’s needs and enable thinking about new ways to create impact. mesh.creates wants to be a catapult for all the stages of the design process. Grafikos is writing and drawing, word and image, and Logos writing, word and rational argument. mesh.creates works in all these ANDS. And collaborates with like-minded people on lots of ideas that could make our world a better place and help us learn and find more of what we don’t know. There’s always an AND.
***Under Construction***
We are happily working away at some very inspiring and wonderful projects and trying to find time to turn this page into a more informative website. Please contact us at for more information or visit us over at, where we are currently spending a lot of time helping to change the world of work.